What to do when your expansion tank bleeder screw strips out? If you're like most of our frustrated customers, you've probably noticed a leak developing in your radiator at the expansion tank where the bleeder screw is located. See the picture below for an extreme example of what can happen when this problem gets worse.

This is because the stock bleeder screw is plastic and it is very easy for this screw to strip out. Either the screw itself will get crossed threaded or the internal threads of the expansion tank become damaged. Either way, coolant can start to leak which can leave you stranded on the side of the road with an overheated beamer! 

Fortunately there is a simple fix for this issue! FGT Motorsport has developed and manufactured a solid billet brass bleeder screw that is a permanent solution for the stripped out bleeder screws in your BMW! With this screw, you will never need to buy another bleeder again for your expansion tank! Many of our customers also have to replace the expansion tank when the internal threads strip out and we HIGHLY recommend picking up our brass bleeder with the new tank or your existing tank to prevent stripping from ever happening again.

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Finally a Cheap and Quick Solution to Broken Ford Door Cables!!

Broken Door Cable

If the above picture looks anything like your Ford door cable then we have good news for you. There is a quick and affordable fix that can be used to repair the ends of the Ford cable without having to buy the expensive replacement cables. FGT Motorsport has designed and manufactured special aluminum cable ends that can be inserted onto the ends of the existing cables in minutes. A replacement Ford door cable (OEM part Numbers F2UZ-15266A46-A, F2K131116, F2K131116-R) costs around $50 each if purchased from third party websites such as O'Reilly Autoparts and 1A Auto. Our door cable repair kit is only $17.95 and it can be used to repair TWO ford door cables. 

See below for reviews from our customer that show just how awesome and easy-to-use these kits are!

"Fast shipping and delivery. Awesome repair kit. Easy to install. For about the price of one cable, you can repair all four cables in both back doors of your ext can ford truck (2004 yr model). One note: if you have one rear door acting up, then you should probably do both rear doors, since, most likely, they will fail sooner than later. Always fix both the upper and lower cable in the door, since when one is failing, the other is soon to follow."

-Thomas Thompson, Victoria, Texas

"This cable ends work great, installing them can be a little tedious work, in fact i tried to install them with the latch in the door but later I found out that it's almost impossible to do it like that, it's a lot easier to install the ends if you take the latch out of the door, I saved a lot of money by buying these instead of buying the whole latch assembly"

-Mervin Samuels, Lake Park, Florida

"I can't tell you how much this will save you over buying the Ford OEM parts. They want you to replace the entire latch and cable assembly for each one. That would be $700! you will need two of these kits to fix both rear doors on your 99-04 Ford supercab rear doors. Great deal."

-Wyleone Davis, Fremont, California



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See video below of one of our customers installing our door cable repair kits!