2001-2010 6.6L Duramax Fuel Filter Primer Rebuild Seal Kit including BONUS Billet Bleeder

FGT Motorsport


Complete kit to rebuild the fuel primer seals, now including our popular billet aluminum bleeder screw!

 Over time the Duramax fuel filter housing primer seals become weakened and disintegrate, causing fuel leaks in the primer. Our rebuild kit includes all the seals needed to rebuild your Duramax fuel filter housing primer, plus our billet aluminum bleeder screw, as the original plastic bleeder is prone to stripping. This kit installs in minutes and will keep the fuel primer system running like new and leak free!

  • Works on 2001-2010 GM and Chevy Duramax Diesels

  • Includes all required O-rings to compltely rebuild the Duramax fuel filter housing primer

  • O-rings ar high quality Viton and Nitrile 

  • Includes a billet aluminum bleeder to replace the plastic OEM bleeder

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