Mercury Mariner Yamaha Force Flywheel Puller Removal Tool Kit for 1-1/2"-16

FGT Motorsport


For years we had customers complain about how difficult it is to remove the flywheel on a Mercury Mariner Engine. We decided to design an affordable tool that can easily remove these stubborn flywheels in minutes. Simply install the puller tool by threading into the female threads of the flywheel. Then, tighten the high strength pusher bolt to pull the flywheel off of the crankshaft with ease. Each kit includes a steel puller spacer to protect your crankshaft from damage while using the puller tool kit.

We've yet to meet a flywheel that we couldn't remove with this easy to use kit! Quit fighting your flywheel and try yours today! This is a must have tool for any Mercury Mariner or Yamaha Force engine owner.

Each Kit Includes:

-High Strength Steel Threaded Puller Adapter - Black Oxide Coated for Protection

-High Strength Zinc Electroplated Bolt

-Steel Puller Spacer - Black Oxide Coated for Protection

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