World's First Asymmetrical Fidget Spinner - CNC Machined from Solid Aluminum!

FGT Motorsport

Here at FGT Motorsport we decided to create a truly unique Fidget Spinning Toy. We noticed that literally all the fidget spinners on the market were completely symmetric about the spinning axis of the spinner. We thought that it might be cool to design a spinner that appeared completely unbalanced and wobbly but that actually would spin perfectly balanced about the bearing axis! After some quick searching, we found that another like-minded innovator (ZbysekP) had come up with a great design for an asymmetrical spinner and we were inspired by this design to create a truly unique look. Using 3D CAD software we were able to design a spinner that had a perfect Center of Mass right through the axis of the bearing.  What we came up with was a full CNC machined billet aluminum spinner with 5/16" Brass ball bearing counterweights. The spinner is perfectly balanced and spins just like any other spinner but with an awesome twist! This is a perfect spinner with anyone looking to add a unique design to their growing collection!

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