Ford Door Latch Cable Repair Kit for Ford F-series, E-series, Ranger, Expedition, Excursion, Navigator (4 Ends Repairs Two Cables)

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Use this repair kit to permanently fix the broken plastic cable ends in your Ford Truck or Van door latches today! For years we had customers complain that their doors would no longer open because the plastic cable ferrules that come stock on all Ford vans/trucks break (disintegrate into dust!) inside the door latch. This is a very common problem and we have sold tens of thousands of these kits to customers that have repaired their door cables in minutes! Do not get stranded in your personal or business life; this kit is a permanent solution that we strongly believe Ford should have included stock on all vehicles!

***We strongly recommend purchasing TWO of these kits. If you fix only one door, it is only a matter of time before the next door will fail!***

  • DO NOT SPEND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON BRAND NEW FORD DOOR LATCHES FROM THE DEALERSHIP!! Many of our customers have been tricked into buying $400 worth of brand new door latches to fix the common broken door cable problems in Ford Trucks and Vans. Our kit is a fraction of the price and fixes your existing latches in minutes!
  • This kit can be used to permanently repair TWO broken Ford Door Cables. Each Ford door typically uses two cables for the latch mechanism. As a result, this kit will repair both ford door cables in ONE Ford door. 
  • We highly recommend to our customers to purchase TWO kits in order to replace the plastic ends on the other door latch mechanism. If one door broke, it is just a matter of time before the second one breaks as well!
  • This kit can be used to fixed the broken plastic ends on several Ford door cable parts including the OEM part numbers F2K131116, F2K131116-R, F2UZ-15266A46-A,.
  • Our custom repair kit was specially designed to fit several Ford vehicle models and years. Please visit our vehicle fitment guide below for more information.
  • Each repair kit is machined, inspected, and packaged right here in the good 'ol USA! The material is HIGH GRADE aerospace billet aluminum that will last a lifttime!
  • Each kit includes one precision machined 'Cam' piece that must be used on Ford Trucks and Vans to lock into the upper latch. Without this piece, the latch itself would have to be bent which can damage the latch and is not advised
  • Each kit includes four (4) precision machined metal cable ends.

Vehicle Fitment Guide:

•'92-'13 Ford F-Series Truck & EXT Cab F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 (Door handle latch lock cable)
•'92-'13 Ford Van E-series Econoline Van E-150, E-250, E-350
•'97-'02 Navigator, Expedition, Excursion (rear door latch/liftgate)
•'92-'13 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab (Suicide Doors)
•'97-'08 Expedition Rear Hatch

Our Cable Repair Kit can be used on many other Ford vehicles. Please contact us if you are unsure about your vehicles fitment and we will respond ASAP.
The Why?
Many of our customers visit their local Ford Dealership and are told that the only fix for the degrading plastic door latch cable end is to buy all new factory Ford Door Latches (6L3Z18264A26A) which can be over $400 to replace for one door! Our door cable latch end repair kit can fix these ford truck/van door wires in minutes! We've been selling these kits online for years and have a proven track record of 100% success!

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