Ford Crankshaft Positioning Tool for Timing Chain Installation (Rotunda 303-448, 6024, & 525219)

FGT Motorsport


Use this tool to position and hold the crankshaft at top dead center (TDC) when installing a new timing chain on your Ford engine. It is critical to keep the engine at TDC when installing a new timing chain, and failure to do this can cause significant damage to your engine. Make sure you have this tool on hand for your next timing chain installation to prevent costly damage. 

  • Fitment:

    • 1993-onward 4.2L and 4.6L 2 valve engines
    • 1993-onward 4.6L 4 valve engines
    • 1993-onward 5.4L and 6.8L engines
  • These Ford engines are not free wheeleing. This means if the crankshaft is not at TDC during timing chain installation, significant damage to the pistons and valves can occur.

  • Made from structural steel for high strength and black oxide coated for durability

  • Slide this tool over the crankshaft and lock it in place with the Woodruff key. Rotate the tool/crankshaft until the slot in the handle aligns with the engine cover dowel pin hole. Insert dowel pin through slot in tool handle to hold crankshaft in place. The engine is now at TDC.

  • Includes a printed detailed instruction manual 

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